Manual Mode: Some rules of thumb

3 12 2009

The Nikon D50 has 4 advanced modes, including Auto-Priority, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual Mode.

I tend to prefer full manual mode. its harder to learn but its more flexible though I should probably get my hands on a light meter and learn to use it as it will save lots of the guess work. Fortunately being a digital, you can afford to stuff up a few shots and delete them afterwards.

Using an 18-55 MM Nikkor lens, the following combinations have produced some pretty reasonable results:

  • Shutter Speed 60 @ F4-5.6  For Afternoon light and General Shade. set the number higher for brighter conditions and lower for darker conditions.
  • Slower Shutter Speed and Large Aperture for night time. A flash may or may not be necessary. Use of a Flash may allow you to reduce your aperture and increase your depth of field. Yes/No?

Now, if I could just get my images to watermark, I could post a few.





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