Fun and Games with film

29 10 2010

Well I finally finished my first roll of Black and White.

Wait, film!? what?! No, I’m not crazy, I love my Nikon D50, though I’d love a D7000 more right now. Anyone from Nikon reading this, please? 😛

Lets hop back a couple of months. I don’t remember how it started but something prompted me to try one of my parents Pentax SLR film Cameras and my word are they a lesson in simplicity and brilliant design.

Anyway, I bought a roll of black and white film and I finally finished the last exposure and sent it in for developing, last week. While the results weren’t spectacular which is to be expected having never used one before, I’ve uploaded the better ones to my Flickr.

I also bought a set of Bellows last week. Through a strange set of circumstances, I ended up with a genuine Asahi Pentax set. I won’t state what I paid for them, just that i got really lucky.




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