3 04 2010

I’m sorry to say I shelved the 365 project; I could not put enough time into it. I’ve been trying to find interesting things to photograph on a day-to-day basis but I can’t manage to do it 7 days of the week.

I hate starting something and not finishing but unfortunately, varsity comes first.

That said, I will try and upload pictures more frequently; Hopefully tonight.


Damn you internet connection.

15 03 2010

I have a bunch of pictures to upload, unfortunately, my connection is downloading and uploading at 8kb/s. This means I can’t complete my download of gimp for editing some of them or upload my pictures. :/

*Mutter Mutter*

365 photos (an update)

9 03 2010

My second last post was about trying to take a picture every day. I confess I have not been at all successful. So, I am going to try again, starting from today, everyday, until the 9th of march 2011.

Right, well I am off to take a picture and then study for a  Stats Test tomorrow.