Series E Nikon 28mm Lens and (other thoughts)

6 04 2010

Earlier, I saw a Series E lens for R750 in my favourite camera store; 28mm f2.8 MF.

I thought about it, and did some research and some more thinking. ┬áThe 28mm on a DX format camera is not wide and not a zoom lens; Its 42mm equivalent. I almost never take wide-angle shots and almost as few shots at less than 35mm in low light. I don’t need a prime for wide-angle, I need a prime for 50mm and upwards. and f2.8 is to close to f3.5

I really want to get a prime, but this is not worth it. I won’t use it enough. For R1300 I can get a 50mm F1.8 D prime which I will use.

I’ll carry on saving up, then.