Canon FD/FL Lens on Nikon

5 11 2010

This is a crazy idea, I’m pretty sure it’s way out there with the guy who decided to a Nikkor F mount to EOS mount adaptor. (As an aside, apparently they work like a charm. The better ones even work to infinity)

So here’s the crazy idea: Using Cannon lenses to do macro on a Nikon DSLR.

uh ok, It won’t focus to infinity you say?! Doesn’t matter, its macro. And before you ask, you’ll be shooting in manual which takes care of metering. 😉

What’s prompted this? The huge amount of FD and FL mount gear that’s sitting in second hand and pawn shops. It’s not moving, it’s not compatible with anything, this means one should be able to negotiate a bargain.  I wondered into a pawn shop 2 days ago and found 2 cabinets full of the stuff.

You just need an adaptor to couple it to the body.

Method A: Gut some Lens caps or even broken lenses and bodies – This is not very rigid and won’t align nicely.

Method B: T2 Mount.  Assuming you can find a reversed T2 Mount to Fd adaptor and vivitar and soligor must have made them, then this can be coupled to a T2 to F mount adaptor. One extension tube set. And if you fit a bellows in between, even better.


Now I just have to find that reversing adaptor. 😀